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About Procurant

Technology that ensures fresh food and safe facilities.

Procurant automates and simplifies operations across the food supply chain with solutions to drive safety, efficiency and visibility.

Our solutions fall into three categories:


Supply Chain Collaboration

Food Safety & Compliance



Increase Visibility

Capture critical data and measurements across your operations with mobile and sensor solutions designed for every environment.


Drive Action

Digital checklists and prioritized workflow for  staff that makes sure the right actions happen at the right time, every time.


Engage the Market

Easily connect and transact with your suppliers and customers, and share critical documents with anyone, anywhere.

Great Products

Procurant products are built for the unique needs of the food industry, with modern, mobile technology and a core platform that meets the unique needs of perishable goods buyers and sellers and everyone in between.

Experienced Leadership

Procurant brings unprecedented experience to the table at every level of the organization, putting years of food industry and technology tenure to work for you.

Solid Financials

Procurant is backed by GLP Properties a leading global investment manager and business builder in logistics, real estate, infrastructure, finance and related technologies.

Global Perspective

The food industry is global, and so are we. Procurant operates in 14 countries and tackles critical food safety and supply chain issues in some of the largest urban areas around the world.

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We bring experience to the table.

Procurant is led by a team with deep roots in both technology and the fresh food industry.


Eric Peters

President & CEO

Bharath Kumar

SVP of Engineering

Kevin Brooks

Chief Revenue & Marketing Officer

Ian Grow

VP Strategic Accounts



Dave Hood

VP Business Development

Bob Nelson

VP Sales



Chuck Gragg

VP Retail Sales

Ray Connelly

VP Supplier Strategy