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Procurant for Growers

Procurant provides growers and shippers with the tools and data you need for a fully integrated and traceable supply chain.

  • Digitize inspections and assessments in the cooler and in the field
  • Easily track employee tasks and activities
  • Actively monitor critical operations (temperatures, growing conditions, CO2, etc.)
  • Comply with new FSMA 204 traceability initiatives and requirements
  • Collaborate with customers and trading partners
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NEWS: Procurant Simplifies Transportation

New feature enables instant quoting on delivered loads through new partnership with Uber Freight.

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Visibility from Field to Shelf

Harvesting operations operate ‘on the go’. They are mobile and flexible. They have to be in today’s world of fresh food. Procurant Trace offers easy-to-use labeling systems and data integration methods that will neither break the bank, nor break the chain-of-custody.


Fresh food requires special handling. Supply chains must be transparent. Traceability systems must adapt to the way the industry works, not the other way around.  Procurant’s traceability system is practical, affordable and comprehensive, seamlessly connecting your trading partners with accurate, trackable data with every shipment.

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Raw fresh food. It’s so good. But it’s often packed, shipped and supplied to a retail outlet within hours or mere days from harvest. Speed is everything and the Procurant Trace solution understands that companies and consumers can’t wait. With Procurant, products are labeled accurately at the point of harvest and trackable, each time, every time.

One Click Visibility

Simple and fast. Procurant Trace enables harvest crews to quickly set up lots and labels for no-nonsense printing in the field. Online or offline, English or Spanish, any time of day. Traceability has never been easier.

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Procurant Trace works where your teams do. In the field, in the warehouse, on the go.


Adapt to changing conditions, crops, connectivity or language. There is no limit to what Procurant Trace can do.


One crew, one location? Great. Hundreds across many regions? Bring it on.


Simple, subscription based pricing for any sized operation keeps Procurant Trace practical and affordable.


Built with the technology of today, Procurant Trace is a modern, mobile solution using the latest design and architecture standards.

Fully Integrated

Procurant Trace is part of the Procurant platform of perishable food supply chain solutions.

Procurant sounds like just what we need.

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