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Procurant Inspect

Procurant Inspect is a game-changer for retailers, linking the produce receiving docks to buyers and sellers of fresh produce. It is a mobile application running on any tablet device that accelerates and digitizes the paper-based inspection process of today.

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A Digital Breakthrough for Inspections

Procurant Inspect is a mobile application that simplifies the labor-intensive process of inspecting produce and other perishable goods at retail distribution centers.


Designed in collaboration with produce inspectors at retail distribution centers, Procurant Inspect keeps it simple while delivering exceptional data and insights across the supply chain.



Running on the Procurant One platform means Procurant Inspect automatically aligns with purchase orders, advance ship notices and invoices in play between retailers and suppliers. No messy integrations required — it just works!

Key Features


Procurant Inspect includes USDA standard defect lists for easy reference.


Inspection status results and scores are immediately available to buyers and suppliers on the Procurant One platform

Rich Data

Load rejection reports with details, images and comments are available at the click of a link.

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