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A pro-active approach to food safety, quality control and efficient operations.

Procurant Task is a task management and compliance solution that combines critical checklists, facility, employee and food safety, and remote sensors for unmatched coverage across your organization.

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Over one million temperature checks every day.
14 languages and countries around the world.
Over 40 million food safety and checklist observations per month.

Protect Your Customers & Brand

By implementing a digital solution for food safety, restaurant and food retailers typically increase operational efficiency up to 60% by eliminating manual errors, providing photographic evidence, storing all records in the cloud and driving corrective actions.


Consistent Food Safety Compliance

Food safety has never been more important. Protecting customers while remaining FSMA compliant is a continuous task for restaurants, food retailers and food suppliers.

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One Stop Checklists

Food service providers must maintain detailed checklist logs proving your staff is adhering to safe food practices. In addition, equipment must be maintained according to established schedules for efficient, safe operations.

Core Functions

Flexible Task Management

Build your own checklist to ensure compliance with any process, audit or critical control points.

Cloud Data Storage

All data is uploaded to Procurant cloud for easy access by all approved users.

Works Offline

Critical checklist features available when working in remote locations and when systems are off-line.

Real Time Temperature Monitoring

Safeguards your valuable perishable inventory with real-time alerts.

HAACP Compliance

Whatever your food safety program, Procurant Task supports your validation and verification, including HAACP, FSMA, GAP, GMP and more.

Fully Integrated

Procurant Task is part of the Procurant platform of perishable food supply chain solutions.

Task Management

Restaurants and food retailers are required by law and regulation to maintain detailed checklist logs. Procurant Task enables daily, weekly or monthly required tasks right from your mobile device and records and stores all task observations within the cloud.

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Food Safety

Procurant Task automates and stores checklist and tasks for complete food safety compliance. Conduct, monitor, document and trend temperature monitoring, HACCP compliance and enforcement of task management for cleaning, sanitation and operations.

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Remote Monitoring

Procurant Task is a complete cloud-based remote monitoring solution of your key investments. The solution includes a gateway device and IoT sensors to ensure critical temperatures are consistently captured and monitored in kitchens, serving areas, storage and holding areas.

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