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Procurant Task is your critical support tool for operational and regulatory visibility, control and compliance.

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Procurant Task (SureCheck) is a mobile task management solution that brings efficiency and automation to your operations.

SC-FamilyCOVID-19 standards are confusing and changing every day. With business operations under the microscope like never before, implementing preventative measures to combat infection, illness and to meet a variety of regulations is now more important than ever.

Procurant Task is a digital task and food safety management system that:

  • Conducts daily, weekly, monthly required tasks right from a mobile device
  • Provides temperature measurement to ensure HACCP compliance
  • Offers unique schedule capabilities for any checklist
  • Digitally tracks cook-and-cool processes by individual food item
  • Records and stores all task observations within the Procurant cloud for anytime access.
  • Includes complete reporting, available through subscriptions
  • Provides corrective action alerts
  • Enables photo/video/audio capture with notes for accurate record keeping
  • Uses auto-advance checklist capabilities for a more rapid workflow

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