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Farm Check

Reduce costs, increase safety and drive efficiency across produce harvest operations.

Procurant Farm Check is a task management and compliance solution that helps produce growers and shippers easily conduct, monitor and document farm operations.

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Built-in Checklists For...

Employee Check-Ins
Visitor Logs
Testing Positive for COVID-19
Pre Harvest Field Conditions
Fencing & Animal Assessment
Harvest Equipment Sanitation
Restroom Sanitation
Product ID & Temperature After Hydrocooler
Packing Line Sanitation
Driver Check-In
Produce Disinfection
Receiving Report

Strengthen Farm Operations

Procurant Farm Check provides field and warehouse operations with an easy way to record tasks, track what is being completed and identify food safety issues and quality problems. All in an easy-to-use mobile application that runs on any device.


Inspections & Audits

Farm observations by inspectors or auditors can be easily demonstrated during walk-throughs. Any questions or evidence required on prior tasks can be easily accessed and presented.

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Post Harvest Activities

Activities such as harvesting, pre-cooling, cleaning/disinfecting, sorting, packaging, storage and transporting can be performed, recorded and managed through this one mobile application.

Key Features

Flexible Task Management

Use pre-built checklists or build your own to ensure compliance with any process, audit or critical control points.

Cloud Data & Blockchain

All data is uploaded to Procurant Cloud for easy access by all approved users. Blockchain validation is also available for critical documentation.

Works Offline

Critical checklist features available when working in remote locations and when systems are off-line.

Real Time Temperature Monitoring

Safeguards your valuable perishable inventory with real-time alerts.

Regulatory Compliance

USDA, FDA, HACCP, you name it. Whatever your standards, Farm Check supports your validation and verification.

Fully Integrated

Procurant Farm Check is part of the Procurant platform of perishable food supply chain solutions.

Digital Records

Procurant's mobile application ties all tasks to the crew and area(s) within the farm for complete documentation and accountability.

Individual Farming Practices

Automatically generates necessary tasks to the appropriate crew member to keep operations flowing.

Post Harvest Activities

One solution to input and track all post harvest activities to maintain quality and extend the life of products.

Corrective Actions

By assigning unique corrective actions to a specific task, crews can immediately adjust and make the necessary corrections.

Reporting & Analytics

Detailed information concerning tasks, compliance, and corrective actions taken is readily available.

Inspections & Audits

Farm observations by inspectors or auditors can be demonstrated during walk-throughs.

Task Management

Procurant Farm Check enables daily, weekly or monthly required tasks right from your mobile device and records and stores all task observations within the cloud.

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Food Safety

Farm Check automates and stores checklist and tasks for complete food safety compliance. Conduct, monitor, document and trend key metrics for USDA, FDA, HACCP or any requirement and enforce verifiable actions for cleaning, sanitation and operations.

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IoT Remote Monitoring

Farm Check can integrate with your existing sensors or use Procurant gateways and sensors to ensure critical temperatures are consistently captured and monitored in any location from the field to the packing house to your trucks and coolers.

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