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Add IoT sensing and data collection to your operations with Procurant's flexible edge gateway and suite of IoT analytics offerings.

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Gather data with the flick of a switch.
ProcurantEdge in Action
Mavericks Renewable Energy selects ProcurantEdge
Works across multiple sites and devices.

IoT Without Limits

Connect to sensors from a variety of existing manufacturers across most protocols. Sensor types include temperature, humidity, power consumption, air quality, and light spectrum analysis.

Designed for the Food Industry

ProcurantEdge is an IoT solution built for the food industry by a team that knows the food industry.

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Focus on What Matters

Procurant manages the difficult task of capturing and aggregating data so what you see can quickly be put to use.

Data Collection Where it Matters

No "Dumb" Machines

Monitor and analyze any type of machine or equipment. Track usage, power consumption and proactively address maintenance.

Real Time Alerts

Get alerts right away when a sensor detects an unusual pattern. Route alerts to the appropriate staff depending on type or severity.

Rough & Ready

Procurant sources the right sensor for the job. Dust? Dirt? Extreme temperature? We've got you covered.

Custom Dashboard

IoT systems quickly generate significant amounts of data. Get important indicators -- filtered as you specify -- directly on your mobile app or desktop.

Strong Support

Every operation is unique. We provide support to help design and deploy your system, and we provide ongoing support to ensure uptime.


Procurant uses industry-leading encryption methods at the sensor level as well as within our Edge computing platform.

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