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One Connection is Easier

ProcurantConnect simplifies sending data to multiple trading partners while helping you quickly comply with a wide range of industry mandates and initiatives including the IBM Food Trust.


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Your Single Point of Integration

ProcurantConnect enables suppliers to easily connect and collaborate with trading partners using pre-built connection channels, data formats and powerful monitoring and notification capabilities.

File Flexibility

Pick the desired channels and use whatever format is easiest: text, CSV, XML, JSON, etc. Connect using SFTP, direct folder access, etc.

The process works for sending as well as receiving information. 


Multiple Channels

ProcurantConnect routes data to multiple channels and trading partners using their preferred formatting (including out-of-the-box support for sending product traceability information to the IBM Food Trust).

Key Features


Out of the box support for submitting data to the IBM Food Trust.

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Versatile file formatting and connection options cover all major protocols including text, CSV, XML, JSON, EDI, SFTP, direct folder access, etc.


Single integration point for efficient file transfers, compliance and reporting.

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