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Press Release - Voice Feature Added to Inspect

Procurant Introduces Voice-Enabled Rating Feature for Produce Inspections

Innovative voice feature simplifies inspections, saves time and showcases core platform capability.

PRESS RELEASE — May 17, 2023

Procurant, a cloud-based software company revolutionizing the global food supply chain, today unveiled a new voice-enabled rating feature in its Procurant Inspect application, further streamlining retail produce inspections while providing real-time data to buyers and sellers of fresh produce.

"The voice-enabled rating feature for Procurant Inspect is a good example of how Procurant brings innovative solutions that save time and simplify complex processes for our customers. This new feature not only enhances the inspection process but also showcases the versatility of our core platform,” said Bharath Kumar, Sr. Vice President of Engineering, Procurant.

Procurant Inspect is a mobile application that runs on any standard tablet device, simplifying the labor-intensive process of inspecting produce and other perishables at distribution centers. With the addition of the voice-enabled rating feature, inspectors can now efficiently record inspection data using voice commands, saving valuable time and reducing manual input errors.

The voice-enabled rating feature seamlessly integrates with the Procurant platform, where buyers and suppliers already manage shipment information and purchase orders. This integrated approach supports advanced analytics into supplier performance and quality and provides rapid visibility to all parties in the event of rejections.

New voice-enabled rating feature highlights include:

  • Hands-free data entry for inspectors during the inspection process
  • Reduction in manual input errors and increased efficiency
  • Seamless integration with the Procurant platform for real-time data sharing.


This new feature not only enhances the inspection process but also showcases the versatility of our core platform.

Bharath Kumar
SVP Engineering

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  • Procurant adds new voice feature to Inspect application.

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