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COVID-19 Resource Center

Procurant provides solutions to help business adapt and secure their operations while ensuring the safety of their employees and customers.


Protect your brand, your customers and your employees with the industry's most widely deployed food safety and task management technology.


Adjust quickly to changes in demand and evolving customer expectations with real-time collaboration, traceability and mobile-friendly order management.


Track and manage new facility cleanliness mandates, both for employees and customers.


From frequent handwashing to social distancing, employees are working in new and often unfamiliar ways. Ensure proper compliance and preparedness.


Providing safe food to customers is more important than ever, and Procurant offers a range of solutions for foodservice organizations adapting to new operational requirements and disruptions due to COVID-19.

  • Mobile checklists to ensure consistent compliance with new food handling and cleaning protocols.
  • Automated alerts and reminders for critical operational tasks.
  • Real-time order management and collaboration with trading partners.
  • An integrated IoT platform to consolidate food storage and supply chain sensor data into a single view.
  • Efficient, secure document sharing for distributed teams.
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Food Production & Supply Chain

Responsiveness and reliability are critical for growers, shippers, processors and most any related business across the food supply chain. Procurant equips you with a modern platform to stay aligned with your buyers, and to securely share critical information and documents at a moment's notice.

Procurant solutions for growers, shippers and food producers up and down the supply chain include:

  • ProcurantOne
  • Procurant Connect
  • Procurant Share
  • Procurant SureCheck
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Facility Management

COVID-19 has changed the way businesses prioritize facility sanitation and cleanliness. Whether your operations are on the front lines or the sidelines, Procurant checklists and task management solutions help you maintain proper cleaning and maintenance standards in every location, every day.

Procurant solutions that enable more effective facility management include:

  • Procurant SureCheck
  • Procurant Share
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Employee Health & Safety


How often should your employees wash hands, and how do you make sure they protect both themselves and your customers? Procurant SureCheck enables rigorous food safety protocols around the world.

Procurant solutions to ensure employee health and safety at work include:

  • Procurant SafeGuardTM
  • Procurant SureCheck
  • Procurant Share
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Health Care

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SafeGuard What Matters

Procurant now offers qualified businesses free access to SafeGuard, a COVID-19 task management solution with pre-built checklists for facility sanitation and employee hygiene. Learn more, and request your free trial today!

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