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A Strategic Platform for Perishables

Procurement  +  Food Safety

Procurant is an integrated solution for retail grocers to strategically manage costs and quality in the perishables category.


Wondering what the new FSMA Rule 204 has to do with you?
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Associated Food Stores

"This is a big step forward for our members and customers."

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A Platform for Perishables

Procurant helps retail grocers reduce costs and improve food safety with a supply chain collaboration and purchasing platform connecting a diverse network of perishable goods suppliers and service providers.

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Mobile Everywhere

Smart phones, tablets, IoT sensors. Procurant solutions capture data and drive action at critical points across your perishables supply chain.

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Checklists & Automated Tasks

Standardize and control critical workflows and processes across your operations, including foodservice and deli activities in the store. Procurant combines measurement with dynamic task lists and employee workflow automation.


Trust and Trace...for Less

Stay current with the latest food safety and traceability regulations, including FSMA Rule 204. Easily store and share documents with trading partners and discover new ways to leverage information to help your business and your customers.

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Switch to Procurant

Procurant is a game-changing improvement over yesterday's inefficient and expensive supply chain solutions.

Simple & Smart

Clean screens. Fewest possible clicks to action. Management by exception. It adds up to a more productive and effective team.

Focus on Food Safety

Food safety is a priority from the fields to the warehouse to the deli counter. We bake it into everything we provide.

100% Mobile

You and your team spend more time on mobile devices than ever before. Use them effectively.

Open & Connected

Procurant connects easily to your trading partners and to your internal systems. Our APIs and open architecture simplify connectivity.

A Platform for Trust

Trust increases when data is widely available, immutable and true, whether you're connecting to blockchain or just sharing updates about an order.

Wide Angle View

Procurant solutions anticipate challenges and opportunities up and down the supply chain. We help you see what was previously hidden.

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An Ecosystem Ready to Trade


Procurant makes my job run more smoothly for everything from placing and confirming orders to making changes and monitoring notifications.

Tammy Collum, Sales Representative
Vanguard Direct

Procurant has greatly increased our visibility. We can see what is open and easily confirm and match documents. It is very helpful to see all orders in one place with a list in the task center that shows what is outstanding. Procurant helps us react faster to new orders and deliver better customer service.

Kevin Jones, Sales
Lipman Family Farms

With Procurant, we now have a system that is easy to use and that enables much more effective collaboration, visibility and partnership with our suppliers as we respond to the needs and expectations of our customers.

Chuck Alexander, SVP Procurement
Merchants Distributors LLC