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Technology for the Essential Supply Chain

Food Safety  |  Order Management  | Traceability  |  IoT

Adapt and thrive in challenging times. Automate tasks, manage by exception and increase visibility and safety across your business.

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Procurant Launces Traceability Solution

Procurant Trace™ tracks the origin and distribution of fresh produce from farm to consumer to enhance trust and safety across the food supply chain.

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A Platform for Safe Operations

Procurant provides a suite of food safety and supply chain solutions built on a powerful, secure global technology platform.

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Learn more about the Procurant Platform and our suite of products for food safety operations, food buyers, producers, sellers, service providers...and everyone in between.

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The World is Mobile

Our solutions work the way you do -- in warehouses, in kitchens, at the receiving dock, in the store, in transit. From mobile phones to tablets to IoT devices tracking data and driving tasks and actions, Procurant solutions work for you anywhere, anytime.

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Checklists & Automation

COVID-19 employee hygiene, facility sanitation checklists, HACCP compliance and more. Monitor critical indicators and maintain compliance across your operations. Procurant combines measurement with dynamic task lists and employee workflow automation. 

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Blockchain is bringing new levels of trust and visibility to data across the food supply chain. With Procurant you can connect to industry initiatives such as the IBM Food Trust, store and share documents or discover new ways to leverage blockchain that work for your business and customers.

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Why Procurant?

Look closely and you'll quickly discover what sets us apart.

Simple & Smart

Clean screens. Fewest possible clicks to action. Management by exception. It adds up to a more productive and effective team.

Focus on Food Safety

Food safety is a priority for everyone in this business. We baked it into everything we provide.

100% Mobile

You and your team spend more time on mobile devices than ever before. We get that.

Open & Connected

Procurant connects easily to your trading partners and to your internal systems. Our APIs and open architecture simplify connectivity.

A Platform for Trust

Trust increases when data is widely available, immutable and true, whether you're connecting to blockchain or just sharing updates about an order.

Wide Angle View

Procurant solutions anticipate challenges and opportunities up and down the supply chain. We help you see what was previously hidden.

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Great Customers


Today’s consumers want to know as much as possible about the food they eat. That drives our business to better manage data at every point across the supply chain. The Procurant platform helps Tanimura & Antle support new industry initiatives around blockchain and food traceability while providing all our trading partners with the most up-to-date, relevant data about our products.

Tom Casas, VP of IT, Tanimura & Antle

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That's An Order

Take steps to bring automation, trust and control to your food safety operations and fresh order management today.