Procurant SafeGuard

Automated checklists and task management for COVID-19 enhanced facility sanitation and employee hygiene.

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Procurant SafeGuard™ is an enhanced version of the widely used Procurant SureCheck food safety software, created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

SafeGuard™ can be used on any mobile device (iPhone or Android) and deployed to multiple users across multiple locations. The application includes COVID-19 specific checklists and tasks for facility sanitation and employee hygiene, and is intended for restaurants and foodservice organizations that need to quickly adjust to new policies and procedures with limited time to train employees.

SafeGuard™ includes:

  • Recurring checklists for COVID-19 related employee hygiene and facility sanitation tasks;
  • Cloud-based storage of all observations, activities and audit commentary;
  • Photo or video capture with notes;
  • Complete reporting and analytics.

Procurant SafeGuard™ is available free of charge through the end of 2020 to the first 100 qualified organizations with up to 10 users across multiple locations.

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NOTE: This offer is available for a limited time to the first 100 qualified businesses in food-related industries with up to 10 users across multiple locations.

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