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Procurant Task is your critical support tool for operational and regulatory visibility, control and compliance.

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Procurant Task is a mobile task management solution that brings efficiency and automation to your operations.

Procurant Task3Procurant Task is a digital task and food safety management system that:

    • Conducts daily, weekly, monthly required tasks right from a mobile device
    • Provides temperature measurement to ensure HACCP compliance
    • Offers unique schedule capabilities for any checklist
    • Digitally tracks cook-and-cool processes by individual food item
    • Records and stores all task observations within the Procurant cloud for anytime access.
    • Includes complete reporting, available through subscriptions
    • Provides corrective action alerts
    • Enables photo/video/audio capture with notes for accurate record keeping
    • Uses auto-advance checklist capabilities for a more rapid workflow

Procurant Task Free is a food safety and compliance mobile application that helps food service organizations conduct, monitor and document specific tasks to help an organization optimize and verify received shipments, facility sanitation and appropriate temperature controls of specific food items.

Procurant Task Free includes:

    • Template Checklists
    • Up to 5 Users
    • Unlimited Template Observations
    • Daily Subscription Report Delivery
    • Corrective Actions for immediate attention to issues
    • Photo/Video/Audio Capture with notes for complete documentation

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