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All your orders in one convenient place.

EDI Without the Hassle or Cost

Procurant Open Link is a way to electronically connect with a wide range of retail buyers to seamlessly manage orders and invoices through your existing Procurant subscription.

"Isn't that just EDI?"

No, because you don't need to do any integration on your side (unless you want to). To use Open Link, simply let us know which retailer you want to connect with. We do all the legwork to activate the connection and you simply log into your Procurant account and manage the orders.

You can also choose to integrate with Procurant and use us like an EDI-VAN network. But unlike EDI VAN networks, Procurant is built for the fresh food category and has pre-set configurations that easily map to retailer preferences. In addition to often being a lower cost option, Procurant uses an innovative hub-and-spoke approach to simplify maintaining links with multiple trading partners across a single connection.

OpenLink-ScreenClip-CloseupOpen Link is an ideal option for existing Procurant customers, as well as for those not yet on the network. And best of all, Open Link does not require the hassle and costs of building and maintaining an EDI connection — just a simple login to your Procurant account.

Questions? Visit our FAQ.

To learn more about Open Link, contact us directly using the form on this page, or send an email to If you prefer to talk live, contact us at +1 669-221-1026.

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