How Procurant is Using the Latest Technology to Drive Changes in the Global Food Supply Chain

New Technologies, New Opportunities

At Procurant we are using new technologies to develop exciting new software applications for the global food supply chain. We are building applications from the ground up, architecting the new technologies into the solution from the start. This is allowing us to deliver feature-rich software to our customers, in a fraction of the time it used to take.

Modern supply chains are complex. Procurant applies modern technologies in the right way to simplify operation. Configurability is core to the architecture itself, not an afterthought.

Today’s technology users are mobile; whether they are in a warehouse, a factory, a processing plant or working in a field, they need technology that can support their activities. Solutions need to be multi-modal. Desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile phones must run the same functions and achieve the same results for our mobile users.

Our systems operate in complex technology environments and must co-exist with other business software. Integration capabilities need to be broad, and able to connect to several other technologies from multiple technological generations. Solutions need to flexible work with everything that’s out there.

The combination of microservices, integrations to IoT devices, blockchain and a full cloud-based network provides for rapid software engineering, using these great new technologies.


This exciting distributed ledger technology is being built into the full breadth of features in Procurant software. Using the Hyperledger platform and supported by other no-SQL databases, Procurant provides the security and transparency of blockchain, while at the same time allowing options to share or not share important business information.

Procurant is the first blockchain industry-wide software that utilizes smart contracts to facilitate automated processing based on satisfying the rules of the contract. For example, automated payments can be initiated without any human involvement, once goods are received and accepted, within the specified terms.


Integrating directly with IoT devices gives Procurant access to masses of data about products in the food supply chain. Our IoT Gateway is used by a wide variety of devices to communicate data such as temperature, humidity, and location. This data provides a source for detailed analytics to identify trends and exceptions, in a way that can be translated into valuable information for critical decision-making.

IoT provides the solution to automated data collection, as long as it’s pragmatic. The design and architecture of the system must consider how to deal with a vast amount of data flowing inward, in real-time and with a variety of protocols and technologies.


Procurant is committed to introducing advanced technologies as appropriate, in solving business problems. Today it includes blockchain, IoT and microservices, in future there will be other new technologies to evaluate. Whatever they are, at Procurant we will research the benefits to meet the business need.

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